4 Tips on Designing a Custom Heart Engagement Ring

Round cut diamonds are the most common shape when it comes to engagement rings. Nowadays, heart shaped rings are deemed common as well but they are everyone’s favorite. There are many reasons to opt for the heart engagement ring apart from its sentimental symbolism as well. But if you are unsure of where to begin when it comes to designing your own custom heart engagement ring, let this article be your guide.

  1. Heart cut

The heart cut is deemed a modified shape. They are built with the same methods as the round shape, so you must have a similar number of facet counts and arrangements. Rough diamonds are carved into heart shape when it has odd flaws. Due to this cutting, a heart diamond needs a lot of skills. Laser technology has made it possible for more intricate and brilliant cuts. Ensure that the diamond you are using for the ring is GIA certified and meets the standards of cut and clarity you are seeking.


  1. How big should the heart cut be?

If your budget allows, you might be tempted to go for the biggest karat, but the heart cut diamonds tend to lose its sheen the larger the size goes. Cut also gives away to the size of the heart shaped diamond cut due to its unique shape. The heart shape should always look balanced and pleasing to the naked eye and the cut should have a .9 to 1 length to width ratio. You don’t want it to look distorted so pay heed to the ratio.

  1. Get creative with your ring setting

When creating a custom setting, there are infinite possibilities. New technologies like the 3D printing let the jewelers to design exceptionally intricate designs offering you the chance to complement your ring to your relationship as well as the personal tastes of your partner. If your partner loves history, gift them a Celtic themed ring.

  1. Consider your ring setting colors

The color of the band will significantly impact the appearance of your engagement ring. Yellow gold is the traditional choice, the silvery tone of white gold and platinum are unconventional and sleek. But when it comes to custom engagement rings, you can also integrate colors in many ways. With the heart diamonds, the colored gemstones seem whimsical. Pink sapphires and rubies on white gold make the ring look romantic. You can also choose design gold ring for a creative contrast as well.