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Prom Dress Fabric Guide Everyone Should Know About

Does the different types of fabrics and materials put you in a dilemma? Are you unaware of the difference between chiffon and charmeuse? The article will help you with the same. Choosing the perfect prom dress is a taxing task. From the color to the material, you need to look out for all the factors. By knowing about all the factors of the fabrics will help you choose a right prom dress so that it doesn’t break the dress during the party. Read on for the different fabric available in the market.

Fiber Content

  1. Fiber

Fiber is itself made up of fabric. It can be natural like silk, cotton, wool or linen, or it can be manmade like polyester, acrylic, rayon or acetate. The highest quality fabrics are made up of natural materials.

  1. Silk

It is the best material to make a prom dress with. It is made up of natural protein fiber which is made from the cocoons of the silkworm. It is versatile and comfortable to wear. The benefit of silk is, it doesn’t shrink and can be hand-washed. Also, this material is a good absorbent, hence, can be dyed in many colors. Silk is known for retaining the shape of the dress, luster and caresses the figure.

  1. Polyester

It is a famous manmade fiber. It copies the properties of silk and is inexpensive.

Types of Fabrics

  1. Chiffon

It can be made from silk or polyester. This fabric is famous for its simple weave and a subtle shimmer. It is also lightweight and sheer, hence the dresses will bear many layers. Silk chiffon is advantageous as it adds to its strength, it is also made from a natural fiber which makes it costly. This fabric is tough to work with because it is slippery.

  1. Georgette

It is another flowing, lightweight, and similar to chiffon. While chiffon has a smooth texture, georgette has a subtle texture because of its highly twisted threads. Typically it is made from silk, but nowadays it is made from polyester. This fabric can be easily dyed because of its absorbency and can also be printed with a pattern. The dresses made from georgette also have layers but it makes it less bulky.

  1. Knit fabrics

These fabrics have a stunning drape, they are stretchy and comfortable as well. They have a matte, smooth and glossy finish. It is lightweight in nature.

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