The Basics Of E-Juice: Know Your Options Better!

In recent years, people have been looking for alternatives to cigarettes, and it’s not surprising that mods, e-cigarettes and personal vaporizers have become so popular in a short plan. In that context, you may have heard about E-Juice, also known simply as juice or vape juice. For the uninitiated, vape juice refers to the fluid or liquid that’s used in mods, vaporizers and electronic cigarettes for creating the vapor, and yes, it contains nicotine, although you can buy e-juices that don’t have any nicotine at all. If you check some of the better head shops Denver Colorado, you will find a bunch of e-juices to choose from, but before taking the call, here’s our take on the basics.

What’s e-juice made of?

Typically, most of the vape juices contain a mix of Propylene Glycol, distilled water, Vegetable Glycerin, nicotine, Ethyl Alcohol and flavoring. E-juices differ in quality, given that every other formula has a different ratio of the mix between PG and VG. The cost of a product is also dependent on the flavorings being used, which can be costlier than the average options. There are literally thousands of choices in vape juices today, and each one is priced on aspects like the flavor, ratio of PG to VG, and amount of nicotine. In general, e-juices that look darker have more nicotine content.

Knowing the product better

You need an e-cigarette or a mod to use the e-juice, which basically heats up the juice turning it into vapor that is eventually inhaled. The flavoring used in e-juices are the same used in foods, while VG and PG make for almost 90% of contents found in these e-juices, while the rest is about flavorings and nicotine. Before you buy e-liquids, consider the flavor that you would like, which needs to match your taste. Brands are well-aware of the fact that customers have a few standard preferences, so you will find options that offer or rather mimic the taste of the cigarettes you always liked. If you want to experience e-liquid for the sake of trying it, go for non-nicotine ones, while the one with nicotine are great for regular smokers who want to experience more flavors and options.

To sum up things, always get e-liquids from the right stores, and many of these stores are now online, so you can always find a product that matches your requirements. Check online now to more on vape juice flavors.