The Best Guide to Choosing the Right Crystal for your Jewelry

If you want to experience the healing nature of crystals, you should wear crystal jewelry. As the crystal is held close to your skin or clothing, you can be always in tune with your chosen crystal’s energy. But, while people find it easy to choose a specific crystal, you may have a problem doing it if you are new to this. The guide below can help you choose a crystal that speaks for you:

Know the Significance of the Crystal Color

Providers of metaphysical stones Dallas offer crystals in varying colors. Famous color choices for crystals and their meanings include the following:

  • Red crystals. These include jaspers and garnets. While they can make you feel grounded, they can also provide feelings of passion and courage.

  • Yellow crystals. Examples of these crystals include amber and citrine. These crystals are ideal to address physical health problems, especially organ health. They make you feel happy, healthy, and alert.
  • Orange crystals. These include carnelian and agate crystals. They help you feel energetic, motivated, and optimistic.
  • Green crystals. An aventurine or jade crystal represents success and stable emotions.
  • Blue crystals. Crystals such as lapis lazuli or topaz provide an inspired energy. You will want to choose these crystals to feel more balanced in your life.
  • Violet crystals. Violet represents intuition. They include fluorites and amethysts which offer a sense of life acceptance.
  • Clear crystals. If you are like other people, these crystals can be your immediate choice. Stones such as clear quartz and moonstone can make you feel purified and energetic.

Think about your Needs

Why are you looking to buy crystal jewelry in the first place? Is it about the glamor or the healing nature? Depending on your reason or situation, you can look for the right crystal when you do your homework. For instance, if you are getting a crystal to enhance your focus, pick a sodalite crystal. Pick a citrine to improve your ability to complete a task and motivation. For an improved creativity, choose an aquamarine or turquoise.

Believe in your Instinct

Whether you are getting your preferred crystal online or in a physical store, always trust your gut. If you have developed a strong love for a crystal, it might be not just about its beauty. Listen to your gut to make the right choice in case you don’t have a specific need for it.