Things To Know Before Buying Windows 10 Product Key

After lukewarm response to Windows 8.1, Microsoft has hit the jackpot with Windows 10. As the brand itself puts it – “the Windows you know, but better”. Windows 10 has been getting rave reviews since its launch in 2015 for both the Home and Professional editions. When it was initially launched, users with Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 had the choice to get a free update, but now to harness the OS, you need a key. You may need a Windows 10 Pro Key or a key for the home version, depending on the edition you are using. In this post, we are discussing the basics about Windows 10 product key.

The basics

In simple words, product key is a digital license to ensure single/onetime use of Windows 10. By buying Windows 10 product key, you get the permission from Microsoft to install and use the latest version of Windows on your laptop. Product keys are nothing new in the world of software downloads and installation, and Microsoft has been using the same concept for other versions of Windows too. You will need the product key even when you are transferring or moving from an older version.

Buying Product keys

There are many third-party services that offer Windows 10 product keys for a low price, simply because they work directly with suppliers and get the keys in bulk. You can verify that the Windows 10 product key is working by registering your email address with Microsoft. All Windows 10 product keys are meant for single use only, and you have to get a key that works for the version you are using. To be more precise, a key meant for Pro For Workstations edition will not work for the basic Home edition. The same product key cannot be used for different computers, but if you choose to uninstall and reinstall Windows 10 again on your computer, you can still use the same key.

Final word

If you are buying product key from a service, they will send the same on your email immediately. Note that a genuine product key is a onetime purchase, and you should get all future updates on Windows 10 without any extra charges. Windows 10 has been lauded for its features, and if you haven’t made the switch from previous Windows versions as yet, you are missing the most amazing and intuitive version of the OS in years.